Wholesale Information

Kiss of the Wolf values our wholesale customers and is always pleased to assist you and provide information that will aid you with your customers when deciding which styles to order. Our goal is to keep you updated with our Classic Kiss styles and our New Kiss collections.

Kiss of the Wolf offers a sophisticated collection of wearable art with hand painted colors. Our separates and jackets are 100% silk. Most quilted pieces are made with cotton batting.

When placing an order, please be specific about the color and style name you are ordering. Swatches for solid, batik, shibori, silkscreen and other hand-painted techniques are available in most color ranges upon request. Swatches for the various silk textures are also available upon request.

Kiss of the Wolf charges for general care, alterations and repairs due to wear. These charges are determined on a case by case basis. To help your customers properly maintain their Kiss clothes and make them last for years, please see our care instructions.

Custom size orders are not returnable. When placing a custom order please call us with any questions. We are happy to help you determine the correct size and style for your customer. Please refer to our Measuring Tips. We cannot be responsible for incorrect measurements. Please feel free to request a standard size to try through our Approval Service before placing a custom order. Thank you.