Silk Care Instructions

All Kiss of the Wolf silk garments are hand-painted and hand-finished to meet the highest quality.

For storage of all Kiss of the Wolf silk garments we suggest that you gently roll the item, then store in a drawer or on a shelf. Even the jackets and coats benefit from rolling, especially for long term seasonal storage, so that the shoulders do not get stretched from the hanger. Store scarves gently rolled in the direction of the crinkle.

We meticulously iron each piece before shipping but it is the nature of folding & shipping that your garments will have a few wrinkles. Hanging your garment before wearing it will help remove any creases. For stubborn creases use a warm iron on the silk setting (a medium low) and a small amount of steam.

All Kiss of the Wolf garments may be dry cleaned. Always take your garments to a dry cleaner that you trust. Ask them not to press your garments because industrial ironing can stretch the crinkle silk. NEVER HAVE THE CLEANERS USE SPOT REMOVER because the dry cleaner chemicals will strip the Kiss of the Wolf dye.

ALL QUILTED & LINED GARMENTS MUST ONLY BE DRY CLEANED (jackets, coats, vests, and some separates are quilted with batting). The batting and the lining will shrink if washed with soap and water.

These instructions are for un-quilted & unlined single layer garments only:

The un-quilted separates and other single layer garments may be dry cleaned or washed by hand.

If a piece stretches through normal wear or from a dry cleaners that has pressed your garment, then hand washing will help restore the texture of the crinkle silk.

Follow the hand washing instructions below and many food stains and other spots can be removed.

  • Gently submerse the silk garment in tepid water with a mild soap. It is normal that some of the color will bleed. Soak the garment briefly.
  • For the removal of oil-based stains use a de-greasing dish detergent like Dawn Dish Liquid. Put a little right on the stain and rub gently with your finger to saturate the stained area.  Swish briefly in the tepid soapy water.
  • Gently squeeze the garment to rid it of excess water.
  • Rinse in cool water until the soap residue is gone. Gently squeeze to rid of excess water.
  • To further remove excess water, roll the garment gently in an old towel. Then, lay flat to air dry.
  • When the garment is dry you may use a warm iron on the silk setting with a little steam to lightly press your garment. Always press following the grain of the crinkle silk.